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Training on Effective Cold Calling

27th. Aug.‘2023, 10AM to 12 Noon

All About Sales That Never Taught in B School

Cold Calling

Based on 40 Years Sales Experience Condensed In This Training Program

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You’ll Get To Know how you can make effective cold calls to Increase your sales closures!

The Training Focusses on 

In this Course we will discuss about increasing our sales meetings

Sales Activities are the basics of building your funnel.How can you increase your Sales Meetings?

This Course will enlighten you on the common mistakes made by the young sales professionals during a cold call and the correct way to be followed to increase your sales appointments. Cold calls according to me are the golden 30 seconds in which you as a sales person either make it or break it. If we as sales persons do not get meetings and appointments then it will directly lead to low sales activity, less sales activity means less number of opportunities, less opportunities leads to lower sales closures and finally leading to poor sales achievement. Since a cold call is the first step in the sales process , hence to be a successful sales person it is important to understand the correct process of making cold calls and thus ensuring more meetings and appointments.

Training on Effective Cold Calling

Duration: 2 Hours

Introduction: Many salespeople struggle with fixing meetings and appointments, which hampers their sales activity and reduces opportunities. This lack of meetings leads to fewer closures and an inability to meet targets. To address this fundamental issue, it is crucial to adopt best practices and understand common mistakes in cold calling. This overview aims to provide guidance on improving cold calling effectiveness and increasing the number of meetings and appointments.

Step 1: Building a Qualified Database Before initiating cold calls, it is essential to prepare a well-qualified database. This involves identifying target organizations and vertical segments that align with your service and product offerings. Once you have chosen the organizations and segments, it is important to identify the key decision-makers who can influence the purchasing process. Having a clear understanding of the organization, segment, and the person you are approaching is vital.

Step 2: Researching the Organization and Vertical Segments To create a value proposition that resonates with the person you are calling, it is crucial to conduct research on the organization and vertical segments. Understand the challenges, issues, and problems faced by companies in those segments. This knowledge will enable you to develop a value proposition that addresses their specific needs.

Furthermore, it is important to research the person you are planning to call. Gain insights into their profile, qualifications, experience, past implementations, and the solutions they might be seeking. This understanding will help you tailor your approach and demonstrate your expertise effectively.

Step 3: Defining the Call Objective Before making the call, clearly define the objective you wish to achieve. Whether it is securing an appointment, introducing your organization, or inviting them to an event, having a well-defined objective is crucial. Additionally, prepare backup plans (Plan B, Plan C) to handle objections that may arise within the first 30 seconds of the call.

Step 4: Engaging in the Call The golden 30 seconds of the call can be divided into the first 10 seconds and the subsequent 20 seconds. Address the person by their name instead of using generic terms like “sir” or “ma’am.” By doing so, you establish yourself as an equal and demonstrate respect, fostering a more engaging conversation.

Next, seek permission to proceed with the call. Ask if it is a suitable time to speak or if you can have a few minutes of their time. Be prepared to handle objections at this stage and propose an alternative time for the call if necessary. Use these 30 seconds wisely by providing a high-level introduction of yourself, your organization, and the value you deliver. Focus on creating a perception that you are there to help and improve their work or organization.

Step 5: Seeking an Appointment During the 20-second storyline, emphasize that you understand their problems and challenges and express your desire to help improve their situation. Then, seek an appointment for a face-to-face meeting where you can present your solutions and capabilities in detail. Propose a specific date and time for the meeting instead of leaving it open-ended. By closing the communication with a specific appointment, you increase the chances of securing a meeting.

Conclusion: By following these steps and adopting best practices, salespeople can improve their cold calling effectiveness and increase the number of meetings and appointments they secure. A well-prepared database, research on the organization and vertical segments, clear call objectives, engaging conversation techniques, and effective appointment-seeking strategies are the building blocks of a successful cold calling process. With consistent implementation and continuous improvement, sales professionals can maximize their opportunities, increase closure rates, and achieve their targets more efficiently.

Target audience:

All Sales Persons

Validating the Data Base

Identifying the Person to be Called

Doing Research

Defining Call Objective

The Golden 30 seconds

The art of Story Telling

Value Proposition

About Coach

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Author | Sales Thought Leadership | Business Re-invention Expert | Customer Relationship Guardian with over 40 years of Sales leadership experience in Companies like NTT Limited, Microsoft Corporation India, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and few more.

Over 40 years of disruptive Sales strategies have taught Raj One Thing: How to craft the perfect pitch that guarantees 99% closures deal after deal. Extraordinary Sales Leadership record is always punctuated with stellar high performing terms; Raj has always focused on out-performing competition with the help of his sales warriors who step into the game with a singular focus. Raj is your go-to-guy if you wish to re-invent your sales teams and achieve 10X business growth at rocket speed.

Cold Calling

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Training on Effective Cold Calling

Cold Calling



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Virtual Training ?

YES! This is a Virtual Training, training material will also be shared in soft copy.

Will I get any support before & after the training?

YES! day time Support will be available for you by the sales heroes team on email: [email protected]

What is the duration of training?

The Training duration is one full day or 5 hours.

What is SalesHeroes?

Sales Heroes is a platform by the Visionary Sales Thought Leader Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Author to share and collaborate with Sales Leaders globally with just one Singular Mission: Empower the sales community and new budding Sales Persons by sharing the knowledge and experiences of sales leaders from various sales industries. To create a platform which promotes knowledge sharing and builds a community of sales professionals.

Cold Calling

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₹2000 ₹999/-

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