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You’ll Get To Know WHAT SALES ACTUALLY IS And Things That No One Has EVER TOLD YOU!

The Author Differentiates Between The Science And Art Components. This Particular Book Is Focused On The Science Of Sales And The Author Elaborates In Detail In Each Chapter The Various Components Of Science Of Sales , INCLUDES:

The Art & Science of Sales is an effort to simplify the complexities associated with B2B sales by clearly defining various technical terms and processes. It lays down a basic foundation for new sales professionals trying to make a mark in the field. Simultaneously, book in an attempt to familiarize sales teams with latest trends and methods for success in B2B sales.

The author begins the book by clearly explaining what sales actually is and brings out very clearly the Art and Science factors of Sales. The author differentiates between the Science and Art components. This particular book is focused on the science of sales and the author elaborates in detail in each chapter the various components of science of sales. This includes Sales Models, Sales Process, Prospecting and the role of Social Media, Cold Calling, Preparation for first meeting, Qualifying Leads, Sales Methodologies, Sales Objections and finally Sales Closures. then jumps right into explaining different sales models. There is a section of what constitutes a sales model and different types of models that exist. The book also summarizes the correct way that a business must choose a sales model.

Third chapter sheds light on the sales process and its importance for B2B businesses. The book further elucidates various stages of a sales process and how every B2B business can map out one for themselves. Sales reps also benefit from the ways to optimize the sales process, as discussed in the book. There is a section on best prospecting methods for B2B businesses and on ways to improve B2B sales prospecting. Keeping up with the spirits of the time, the book also discussed the vivid role that social media plays in the process of prospecting.

In addition, Chapter 5 is dedicated to the topic of cold calling solely. Sales reps can learn how to prepare for a cold call with a B2B lead, and how to be successful. There is a section that enlists all the things a rep must do after the cold call.

The chapter 6 prepares B2B sales reps for first meetings of the B2B sales process and also educates about the etiquette to be followed soon after. It begins with discussion on the importance of preparation before the first meeting with a prospect and educates reps about its importance. Further ahead, it presents a guide on how to plan for the first meeting. The detailed chapter also discusses how a rep should conduct himself during the first meeting and beyond.

Moving ahead, Chapter 7 is all about qualifying opportunities that improve B2B sales. The author discusses what the term ‘qualified lead’ means here in this chapter and also focuses on its importance. Soon after, it discusses the process of lean qualification in detail and also sheds light on the ways to do it.

Chapter 8 showcases different sales methodologies that can be leveraged by sales organizations to achieve a repeatable, scalable, and predictable way of operating the business. To clarify the concept of sales methodologies, the author differentiates between them and the sales process. The chapter reasons out as to why a B2B business must adopt a sales methodology and further elucidated how to implement one. The chapter unfolds to discuss various B2B sales methodologies that can strengthen a sales rep’s B2B network.

Chapter 9 of the book teaches reps all about ways to handle objections during the sales process. It offers a simple guide to objection handling that helps create a positive influence on the buyer’s decision. The book also features a section on vivid importance objection handling and attempts to educate reps about the types of objections they may face. It helps sales teams with strategies to meet sales objections.

The last and final chapter discusses sales closing techniques and explains which ones to implement in what scenarios. The closing stage ensues when a prospect or customer decides to make the purchase. It is a conclusive stage of the sales process and its outcome collectively reflects how well a salesperson has performed throughout the sales process. The chapter discusses in great detail all the difficulties and challenges that a sales rep faces during B2B closing. Further, the author discusses various tried and tested tricks to overcome challenges related to closing that are active to the B2B world. A thorough study of the chapter can help salespeople decide which technique would work best for their own business.

Learn More The Sales Models

Learn More Sales Process & Prospecting

Learn More The Role Of Social Media

Learn More The Cold Calling

Learn More The Preparation For First Meeting

Learn How To Qualify Leads

Learn Sales Methodologies, Sales Objections

Learn Best Way Of Sales Closures

About Author

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Author | Sales Thought Leadership | Business Re-invention Expert | Customer Relationship Guardian with over 40 years of Sales leadership experience in Companies like NTT Limited, Microsoft Corporation India, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and few more.

Over 40 years of disruptive Sales strategies have taught Raj One Thing: How to craft the perfect pitch that guarantees 99% closures deal after deal. Extraordinary Sales Leadership record is always punctuated with stellar high performing terms; Raj has always foused on out-performing competition with the help of his sales warriors who step into the game with a singular focus. Raj is your go-to-guy if you wish to re-invent your sales teams and achieve 10X business growth at rocket speed.

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Get Art & Science Of Sales Book Delivered At Your Address Now

₹900 ₹550


Pricing Will Go Back To ₹900/- Per Book in