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Competitive Differentiation
Sales Thought Leadership Maverick | Business Re-invention Expert | Customer Relationship Guardian

Who Is Raj Sharma?

Over 40 years of disruptive Sales strategies have taught Raj One Thing: How to craft the perfect pitch that guarantees 99% closures deal after deal. Extraordinary Sales Leadership record is always punctuated with stellar high performing terms;  Raj has always focused on out-performing competition with the help of his sales warriors who step into the game with a singular focus. Raj is your go-to-go guy if you wish to re-invent your sales teams and achieve 10X business growth at rocket speed.

In today’s global economy, the most valuable currency in business is trust. Raj leads both-teams and pitches-in his own unique mannerisms that builds trust in the client’s heart & mind for him as well as his proposed solutions for their critical business challenges. Raj NEVER focuses on short wins and proudly claims 99% closures across his career using this rare combination of trust powered relationships that are truly client centric.

With this objective of helping, developing and grooming the sales community at large and upcoming sales professionals, I started the initiative called Sales Heroes ( and  to share the knowledge and learnings over all these year.  Raj now brings in Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting and Business Management Consulting Services to Individuals and Corporates.

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Raj is an excellent orator, he commands and charms every audience he has had the privilege to speak to; combining this with his solutions focused perfect pitches for every client, Raj is a hands-on result oriented Sales Leaders.

Over three decades of rich experience in leading all dimensions of sales functions coupled with Services and Consulting business in Enterprise, BFSI, PSU , Telecom, and Government segments for large projects involving Pre-Qualification, bid management, tenders, presentations, negotiations, contract discussions, Delivery & Project Management.

Raj has accomplished taking the annual revenues from ‘X’ to over 10’X’ year on year and has sustained the growth trajectory in a volatile and increasingly competitive landscape, thus building industry authority during his professional sojourn

With a legacy of strong relationships across diverse industries Raj is adept at carving new and profitable alliances with channel partners, liaising with external agenciesand managing the overall sales and marketing courses.

Raj Says, Emotional Intelligence is your key to success.Think big to succeedSuccess doesn’t self-serve, it is earned.Outsmart your competition with emotional intelligence.Objection handling is your trump card to win business.Passion, Self-Belief, Confidence, Commitment & Never Give-up Attitude are traits that make you a WinnerBehave like a CEO, clients will follow.You lose when you stop fighting, be a winner, never ever give up!

Raj’s Next Big Dream

Make Sales Heroes the biggest networking
medium that educates and empowers
professionals by learning, sharing and
growing with the community.

Let’s make this dream, our big dream!
Contribute by joining us right away and take advantage of our Sales Training for Corporates and Individuals
Sales Coahing for all sales professionals
Sales Consulting for organizations
Business Management Consulting Services