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Book - The Art & Science of Sales

Book - The Art & Science of Sales

The Art & Science of Sales

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Top 5 Best Books on How to Sell


This book makes an effort to simplify the complexities associated with B2B sales. It explains the Science behind sales by clearly defining various technical terms and demystifying the intricate processes. It lays down a basic foundation for new sales professionals trying to make a mark in the field. Simultaneously the book makes an attempt to familiarize sales teams with latest trends and methods for success in B2B sales.

The author begins the book by clearly explaining what sales actually is and brings out very clearly the Art and Science factors of Sales. The author differentiates between the Science and Art components. This particular book is focused on the science of sales and the author elaborates in detail in each chapter the various components of science of sales. This includes Sales Models, Sales Process, Prospecting, the role of Social Media, Cold Calling, Preparation for first meeting, Qualifying Leads, Sales Methodologies, Sales Objections and finally Sales Closures. There is a chapter of what constitutes a sales model and different types of models that exist. The book also summarizes the correct way that a business must choose a sales model. The endeavor of author is to capture the practical aspects of sales to enrich the knowledge of budding sales professionals.