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Press Release Article | Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma | Evincepub Publishing

Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is that admirable personality who knows the art of turning the stones into precious gold, which he encountered in his long unconquerable, unmatchable and incredible journey!

For someone who is known as “Sales Maverick” with an unmatched passion for disruptive innovation in boosting sales to drive ten times growth at an unprecedented timeline, words would simply fall short to describe his stature and skills in his field of operation! A part from being a Sales Thought Leadership Maverick, Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is also known as a Business Re-Invention Expert as well as a Customer Relationship Guardian!

If we throw some light on Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma’s life, then we find out that over 35 years of disruptive sales strategies have taught Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma one very main thing, i.e. How to craft the perfect pitch that guarantees 99% closures deal, after deal! “Extraordinary Sales Leadership Record” is always punctuated with stellar high performing terms by him. While Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma has always focused on out-performing the competition with the help of his sales warriors who step into the game with a singular focus. Dr. Raj is your go-to-go guy if you wish to re-invent your sales teams and achieve 10X business growth at rocket speed.

Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma believes that in today’s global economy, the most valuable currency in business is trust. Dr. Raj leads both Teams as well as Pitches, in his own unique mannerisms that builds trust in the client’s heart and mind, for him as well as his proposed solutions for their critical business challenges.

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma NEVER focuses on short wins and proudly claims 99% closures across his career using this rare combination of trust powered relationships that are truly client centric!

Now, if we look at Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma’s Key Brand Strengths and the Leadership Competencies, we find him to be an excellent orator. He commands and charms every member of his audience while he also had the privilege to speak to; combining this with his own solutions focused perfect pitches for every client. Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma is a hands-on result oriented Sales Leader. He had brought over two decades of rich experience in leading all dimensions of sales functions coupled with Services and Consulting business in Enterprise, BFSI, Public Sector Undertakings, Telecom, and Government segments for large projects involving Pre-Qualification, bid management, tenders, presentations, negotiations, contract discussions as well as Delivery & Project Management.

With a legacy of strong relationships across diverse industries, Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is adept at carving new profitable alliances with channel partners, liaising with external agencies and managing overall sales and marketing operations by building sales thought leaders at every level in his team.

Well, here’s another interesting piece of update upon Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma, which readers would most certainly enjoy as they’ll find out that very much in this year, 2020, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma had published his very own blockbuster book, “THE ART & SCIENCE OF SALES” for the noble purpose of imparting his rich knowledge and experience of his journey as a Sales Leader, Business Re-Invention Expert and Customer Relation Guardian to the young minds, who are out there looking for some expert guidance in the field of Sales, Business and Customer Relationship Management.

The book, THE ART & SCIENCE OF SALES had made a very generous and genuine effort to simplify the complexities associated with B2B sales. It explains the Science behind sales by clearly defining various technical terms and demystifying the intricate processes. It lays down a basic foundation for new sales professionals trying to make a mark in the field. Simultaneously the book makes an attempt to familiarize sales teams with latest trends and methods for success in B2B sales.

The Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma, begins the book by clearly explaining what sales actually is and brings out very clearly the Art and Science factors of Sales. The author differentiates between the Science and Art components. This particular book is focused on the science of sales and the author elaborates in detail in each chapter the various components of science of sales. This includes Sales Models, Sales Process, Prospecting, the role of Social Media, Cold Calling, Preparation for first meeting, Qualifying Leads, Sales Methodologies, Sales Objections and finally Sales Closures.

Also, in this book the readers will find a full-fledged chapter of what constitutes a sales model and different types of models that exist. The book also summarizes the correct way that a business must choose a sales model. The endeavour of author is to capture the practical aspects of sales to enrich the knowledge of budding sales professionals.

Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma had also initiated a pioneering initiative known as “SALES HEROES” which aims a very dedicated singular mission, i.e. to celebrate the upcoming Sales Superheroes in India and build a fraternity that constantly enriches each other.

SALES HEROES by Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is a never before seen concept, “Sales Heroes” empowers sales leaders to build a community of fellow leaders to network with, learn from and enrich in return with their own thought leadership. Sales as a career is never celebrated or recognized in the community; yes, as professionals we are motivated by prizes, awards and recognition in our organizations but not socially across our industry. This is not for profit initiative to bring the sales community together to celebrate all things sales!

Clearly, Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma is that recognizable and prime face of achievements in the field of Sales Leadership, Business Re-Invention and Customer Relationship Management that his stories can inspire anyone, the list of his skills, contribution into the field of Sales and Business, initiatives to grow and groom the young Sales Heroes of the nation and his incredible achievements as an Author and as a Sales Maverick may never end, well such is the stature of Author (Dr.) Raj Kumar Sharma.

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