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Storytelling method in marketing represents the usage of narrative to communicate a message to the target audience and the consumers. Humanising a brand is the most important part of the storytelling method that helps in increasing the sales of a company with the help of skilled storytellers in the form of salesperson within an organisation. Brand storytelling in sales is a popular concept that creates a great impact on the customers while buying a product. Stories play a crucial role in driving actions among the buyers through emotions. The usage of storytelling processes within an organisation helps in creating the ability among the employees to connect and communicate with the potential customers to convert them into real-life consumers.  Showcasing the positive impact of any product to the prospective client is the most important factor in sales. Hence, this article focuses on presenting the use of storytelling methods in sales along with finding the answer of how storytelling skills help organisations to rock the sale.

Why use storytelling methods in sales

As a popular method in business sales, opportunity of storytelling creates direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives as a part of strategic priority. Followings are the reasons to consider while conducting sales and using the storytelling approaches in reaching and behaving with the consumers:

Conveying the personality of the product and the company

An organisation seldom gets the opportunity to impress any customer after failing to make an impact in the mind of the potential consumer. In such a condition, storytelling is one of the most useful ways to present the personality of the brand by creating the stories through the brand rather than converting mere stories through the words of the salesperson. The most important factor in this case is that storytelling helps in influencing a buyer to buy the product from the same company by telling them the aspect the company is working on along with the aspects of managing directions through a clear point of storytelling (Boldosova, 2020). It is also crucial to understand the importance of combination of both brand and self. Hence, conveying and presenting the real-image and brand personality of the company is the most important reason for using the storytelling methods.

Bringing the brand as the lead

Brand is the most important aspect of generating more revenue along with getting proper support from the end of the consumers. Presenting the brand as the lead instead of any individual always helps in reinforcing relationships with the customers along with developing personal connections and conveying complex ideas easily. Stories allow the subconscious mind to understand the valuable application along with visualise the product while helping the buyers to progress in life. Every customer comes with a need to buy a product that can only help in leading a life more efficiently whether it is buying a gift for anyone else or buying products for home decoration. It is all about making life easier and getting the best product from the end of the salespersons (Daradkeh, 2021). It is also important to understand the procedure of making a difference in the lives of the customers by putting information from any specific perspective rather than replacing it. Accompanying an idea through the presentation whether it is an advertisement on TV, social media platforms, or newspaper is the most important factor that helps in creating a better customer-base and brand image among the potential consumers. It is the place that creates brand loyalty among the consumers in a comfortable way. It is also essential to work on the factors such as going beyond the scare among the consumers related to boring stories from the mouth of the salesperson regarding rigid activities of the company.

Elicit physical response

The way of getting the physical responses from the consumers always is the most important aspect in using the procedure of storytelling. People remember things easily through stories in comparison to any other way. In such a condition, it has become very easy for the salesperson and advertising agencies to engage consumers with involvement of them in a story title through the colour, smell, movement, language, and shape. Relatable stories often make people cry out of affection and emotion (Biesenbach, 2018). Story becomes a crucial part in the case of making emotions more applicable in the case of creating a relation with the happiness, success, frustration, and worry of the consumers to provide them a better place that can help them in developing a better decision-making process. The Actions of stories come with the factors of prompting more decisions to buy the product, and stories can crack the issues and reach the heart of the consumers directly rather than any other way of sales management, including proposals, RFPs, account analysis, and rationale along with statistics and proper research.

What are the best and suitable elements of a great story that is helpful for sales?

Convincing people to act accordingly is the most important and effective quality of a storyteller through influencing words for the customers to make them buy products by using logic, emotion, and trust (Pan and Chen, 2019). Hence, following are the elements of great stories in the sales aspect that can help the people to get more effective results when it comes to buying new products and services.


Trust is the key element of sales and it is the only way to reach the heart of the consumers and make them buy products every time. Most importantly, without trust it is not possible for the company to gain customer loyalty. However, it is also not possible for any salesperson and organisation to get the access to the heart of a consumer without having credibility. Therefore, building trust comes with the procedure of maintaining a positive public image whether it is online or offline professional activities. Elimination of bragging while providing the credentials directly through a solid picture of the subject can only help in influencing the consumers and make them engage (Waligórska et al. 2019). Along With that, it is also essential to identify that the factors such as using easy to understand language for every person can help in even understanding technical aspects. It is not possible for any company to gain the trust and loyalty from the customers without having the truthful information. Hence, it is crucial for the salespersons to imply trust as an element of the storytelling process.


Emotion is the core of a story that helps in evoking emotional appeal through empathy and compassion while presenting the story of the product that also hits the consumers (Snow and Lazauskas, 2018). Knowing the audience is an efficient way to connect with the consumers by identifying the emotional language, metaphors, and analogies that can be the way to create connections with unfamiliar ideas.


Identification of the right consumer for the right product as per the quality and price along with the emotional aspect is the most important factor in telling a story and making connections with the consumers. Construction of the story along with implying logic to the ways of telling stories by using a reliable source that is unbiased can help in improving the process of getting everything better from the interaction.

How storytelling skills rock the sales

Sales presentations include different types of stories with the identification of the unique idea about the product and the construction of the ideas through ways of utilising the skill of storytelling.

Clear and perfect

Communication skills of the salesperson and reaching the needs of the consumer can only help in identifying the most important way to go beyond the problem and understand the beginning, middle, and end. The audience gets interested in the story of the salesperson only when it can be implied in the real-life world (Kim et al. 2019). Hence, the capacity of the sales and the quality of the product can help in managing the entire procedure to provide a great experience to the customers by driving actions and emotions through the appeal of the product quality and design.

Perfect presentation influences the behaviour of the customer

Personal and emotional connection between the potential consumer and the salespersons always help in getting benefit in the sales as it becomes easier for the company to influence the consumers to buy the products and services by influencing their way of thinking. However, trust and loyalty are the interconnected connections in this case that only help in reaching the goal of providing the most suitable product and service to the customer as per their requirements (Kemp et al. 2021). In this case, the both-sided achievement of increasing sales and getting the product as the consumer wants is the most important factor in the procedure of getting everything better.

Conversational presentation

Communication and connection are the major factor in the sales and the procedure of rocking the sales in an organisational setting, and this aspect has affected every aspect of managing the information and the sales presentation. Driving the better out of the sales presentation revolves around the way of addressing the requirements of the consumers and clients from a personal ground (Kim, 2020). Everyone wants to get importance while buying any product, and the presentation of the story by giving it a beginning, middle, and end only helps the client to keep the track of the events.

Making it clear and easy

Understanding the relation between the product and the story is an important way to reach the mind of the consumers and get their support in helping them to buy a specific product. This approach can help in improving the interest among the customers even by listening to stories that can help them to buy complex technical products. Hence, the skill of the salesperson to tell a story and engage the customers to understand about the complex products in an easier way always helps the company to raise the sales.

Kicking off a problem

Identification of the problem that needs to be solved in the life of the consumer is the most important aspect in getting the opportunity to increase the sales of an organisation. In this case, the problem needs to be more personal to the customer rather than the big and influencing universal problems. It is the value of the story that will require a change in the setting of the story along with the hero, the skills, industry, technology as per the needs of the clients. The hidden force behind the change is the salesperson. It is also important to note that every individual relates the story to the real-life incidents, and in this aspect, salespersons play a crucial role in understanding the procedure of constructing the right type of the story for the audience. Hence, before creating the story line it is essential to understand the process of giving victory to the hero. People love to win at the end of the day, and it is no different in the case of buying products from the salespersons.

Making it memorable

Stories are attached to memories in comparison to any rigid logic and statistics when it comes to using the process of unveiling an obstacle that should be overcome by the hero along with finding the most suitable way to get out of the problem regarding the hero finding him in a state of conflict. Conflict is the most critical factor that provides a proper shape to the story with the procedure of reaching the goal (Snow and Lazauskas, 2018). In this specific area, customers also face conflicts regarding the product and their quality along with buying from the organisations they already have worked with or the organisations they want to tie a knot with. Putting the hero on the crossroad is the most important factor when it comes to arranging the data in a colourful manner to provide a clear idea of the situation along with the aspects of revealing the point at the right time.

Timing is the most important thing when it comes to building the story and dealing with it to gain the advantage of storytelling skill and getting the best out of it. Most importantly, the proper way to convey the message of a brand is storytelling and humanising the brand efficiently. It always helps an organisation to find out the solution for the process of reaching the heart of the consumers. Data cannot endure the heart of an individual as it confuses the human mind at times along with making things more complex. However, this issue can be resolved efficiently by working on the factors such as inspiring the buyer to buy the products with a relevant and relatable story.

Mistakes to avoid in the storytelling process

The focus

Focus of selling product revolves around the product and the consumers, and this aspect comes with the talent of storytelling out of any situation. This area of dealing with the clients comes with strong openings and managing the entire situation efficiently. The relevance of the story needs to be managed and organised with the customers without any mistake (Nakhil, 2019). Customers are the basic area of focus, and this aspect needs to be respected and managed. It is not possible for any company to get the support from the employees without having the sufficient knowledge of using the skill of storytelling. It is only the way to connect with the consumers and the client, and it can be possible only through the conditions that can affect the management process of developing a better and personalised product and services.

Customers can get the same product from other companies too; however, the deal needs to be secured before anyone can get it, and this can be possible only through the arrangements of the key characteristics of the description, pattern, and exploitation of human knowledge. Emphasising solutions is a common mistake that should be avoided when it comes to telling stories and meeting the needs of people more efficiently. Companies will get sufficient support from its employees only after hiring and providing proper training and development of the employees related to storytelling.


Storytelling method is the most important way to reach the heart of the consumers by providing them the information related to the brand and the product in a way they actually want to know. It is also essential to identify the factor finding out the storytelling in a basic way of getting the importance of combination of both brand and self. The storytellers need to avoid mistakes such as focusing on themselves rather than the customers along with implying positive approaches such as bringing the brand as the lead. It is worth noting that the brand is the main factor in this case rather than presenting the brand personality more efficiently. In conclusion, it is crucial for the organisational heads to select people with the skill to communicate and connect with people efficiently without making any mistake regarding storytelling methods in sales that can help in increasing the sales.

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