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When should you say No to a Customer?

Working as a sales representative, complying with the demands of the customer becomes second nature. This instinct of agreeing to customers serves as a mode of inflicting positive communication however at times the demands might seem unreasonable. When such a situation arises refusing to serve the consumer is as well as saying “no” to it.

But saying “no” to the consumer poses a hard choice for the sales representative. The reason behind it being it might bring the sales person into a negative light, along with that it might offend the consumer. Also, it might result in lost business deals from prominent prospects for the company.

When should you say NO to the customer?

Efficiently and appropriately refusing the customers requires a set of skills as well as qualities. However, along with the latter, it is important to successfully identify the situations where saying “no” is required. Some of such situations are –

  • When customer’s demand contradicts company policies, at times when a consumer is given an inch, they try to cover a mile with their demands. To judge whether the demand is accountable or not one can self-analyze by questioning, if the demand falls outside the company’s terms or if similar demands can comply for other customers or not. This kind of situation puts the company in a crucial position and thus the sales executive is compelled to deny the customer.
  • If the consumer is asking for service at an unrealistic level. Such a situation might arise if the customer demands to employ primitive ways or structure of work after the company implements changes in its policies. The customer might not see the long-term prominence of the change while the sellers should remember “A customer isn’t always right”. Thus, refusal to such demands is necessary
  • As a sales representative time management and its proper utilization are important. If a customer dealing hogs an immense amount of time with no positive response, the sales executive starts to get irritated. On encountering such a situation, the wise option is to preserve peace of mind and to move on to better prospects, saying no becomes a legitimate choice.

Dealing with unprofitable consumers leads to a waste of time and resources as well as the efforts of the sales representative. Thus, refusing such consumers is the correct option to rely on. The grounds for denying service to the consumers should be based on factors where the company’s benefits are treated as a priority. Deciding to not entertain service to abusive consumers, who put the subsequent efforts of the sales representative to vain.

It is important to understand that saying “no” to customers is part of making the business thrive, as much as complying with the service does. Cutting out wrong consumers, in a way cuts out the negative parts of the company as well. It saves time, the amount of effort put in by the sellers, opens the way for better prospects, more closing of deals, and many more such beneficial points.

How to say no to the customers?

On identifying the situations where denying the customer is needed the next step is to acquire appropriate skills and employing them. There are certain ways and qualities which should be adopted while refusing a customer, which are–

  • Possess the right attitude all the while sticking to honesty.
  • Before refusing completely, ask for clarification to achieve a full picture of the demand.
  • While saying no to the customer, make sure to give a good explanation stating all the reasons.
  • Try negotiating and lure them to meet you halfway on the deal.
  • Suggest alternatives to provide them all possible options.
  • Express empathy towards the customer.

Employing these qualities makes the process of saying no to the customers less negative. If the refusal leaves behind a negative impact that implies the loss of present as well as future dealings. Making sure to explain the reason for denial, being understanding towards the customer, all add up to presenting positivity to the dealings.

However, the sales representative should always maintain a humble attitude even if the dealing is to be denied by the same. Adopting a polite approach and saying no to the customers only when it should be said, retains potential business all the while cutting the edge of customers who mooch off the company’s service.

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